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This photobook includes images of the world under shadows of flyovers in Hong Kong, by photographer Chau Ho-man from 2013 to 2019.


We glimpse at the space beneath the flyover when passing by every day. Such public space, between visible and invisible, seems so close that we only need to stretch our arms to reach it; yet it appears so far as if in a parallel universe.


The design, use, and management of this space are all but inhumane. Homeless people, street hawkers, and members from underprivileged communities are driven away. It would not be difficult to see the meanings represented by this space and imagine the stories that have happened there, only if we are willing to hold our steps. Perhaps, we have always known it, but we have chosen to look without seeing and to forget about it.


Scenes and stories are drowned by the city’s prosperous surface. They can’t be ignored away but continue to grow in front of us.


This is the other side of our Hong Kong.




About the photographer:

Ho-man CHAU, a graduate of computer science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is now working as a programmer. He participated in various exhibitions including《Photo Reading Room》(HKIPF 2014), 《Changing Times》(HKIPF 2014) and 《A forgotten world under the shadows》(HKIPF 2018).



Book Size: W220mm x H250mm

Printing: Silver Ink on Black Art Paper

Pages: 136 pages

Edition: 1st Edition, June 2021

Language: Chinese, English

ISBN: 978-988-77971-9-7

Publisher: brownie publishing




《Under the Flyovers》CHAU Ho-Man

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