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Artist Statement:

“Existence” has been a popular discussion topic among philosophers worldwide throughout history, while  ‘Artifact’ has a much simpler definition as compare to human being or other living things, for its essence exists prior to existence.  Every piece of artifact was created based on conceptual framework -- it was meant to exist before it even existed.  However, does every piece of artifact function according to its creator’s intention?  After it accomplished its mission, would the value of its existence be over altogether?

One day while walking through an alley, I saw that there are many things ‘exist’.  They were mostly abandoned, or were barely saved after being abandoned.  These things were there for different reasons, and with different endings Nonetheless, their fates & circumstances are similar - their existence were forgotten.

Most likely nobody needs them anymore.

I held my camera, trying to take shots with the most primitive approach, without staging or lighting, but simply proved their past existence as is.

At the same time, it also proved my own existence.


Artist Biography:

Hang TAM, born in Hong Kong, 1978.

Back in 2002, while working as a guard for an armored security truck, the main artery on his right neck was brutally cut open during a robbery attack.  Although he was lucky enough to stay alive, he was traumatised and sense of trepidation can be easily seen in his photographic works.

He was determined to understand himself all over again, as well as to ensure his own existence.

He has been taking photographs while working as taxi driver from 2011 to 2012.  His work from this period was later published in his photography book ‘Hong Kong’.

TAM is still very active in photography.  He has held various local and oversea photography exhibitions, and published a number of books, including "Playground", "TV" and "Flower and Me" etc.

Book Size:W100mm x H150mm x D65mm
Pages: 80 pages
Edition: 1st Edition, Jan. 2018 – 250 copies
Language: Chinese
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

《Existence / Nonexistence》Hang TAM

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