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This is a photo book**.


Known for lush breasts, peachy bums, alluring legs, attractive faces, sexily smooth skin—the contents of this book tick all the required boxes.


But this isn’t your standard book of sexy photos. Within these tempting images lie stories.


Created by model Asha Cuthbert and Uppity Limited, this is an attempt to break the socially accepted definition of a “female photo book”. We invited 12 girls to combine their personal stories with new perspectives; this 12-piece collection is the result of their efforts.


GIRLS also unifies local girl power—from styling to design, from makeup to photography—this is an incredible collaboration of over 20 brilliant women. With these images, these stories, we hope to solidify the resolute power of girls supporting girls.


After deducting the cost of production, all proceeds will be fully donated to HER Fund, a local charity that continuously promotes women’s rights and provides grassroots women in Hong Kong with training, grants, and improved living conditions.


**Photo book- A concept originating from Japanese culture, 写真集shashinshū


Book Size:W190mm x H250mm
Pages: 208 pages
Printing:Black & White
Language: Chinese, English
ISBN: 978-988-79476-4-6
Publisher: scone publishing
Publication date: Oct. 2020

《Girls》Asha Cuthbert & Girls

    • Price is in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)
    • Orders will be processed within 5 working days after successful payment
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