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《PING PONG - Dialectic Street Vision》El Gran Miguelitor


El Gran Miguelitor is a Hong Kong based Spanish street photographer.


In the photobook 《PING PONG - Dialectic Street Vision》, 80 black and white street photographs in 40 diptychs, as in a ping pong match.


"Miguel displays different visual strategies in this work to catch the audience’s interest. They serve to construct images in which occasionally, some beautiful monochromatic plasticity has to be added to the coherence between form and content. But these resources are applied in a restrained and intelligent manner, and always at the service of an idea. In this way, reflections, shadows, blurred objects, trepidation, rhythm, trimmed forms and figures, contrast or similarities alternate in his images, without overwhelming the viewer with tiresome repetition.” - Prologued by the Spanish photographic critic Mr Alfredo Oliva.



Book Size:W230mm x H230mm
Printing:Black and white

Language: English, Spanish and Chinese.
ISBN: 978-988-77971-2-8
Publication date: Aug. 2019

Publication date: Jan. 2020

《PING PONG - Dialectic Street Vision》El Gran Miguelitor


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