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Edas WONG is an amateur street photographer from Hong Kong. The public may find his name a bit unfamiliar. However, he has been working hard in photography. Besides keeps publishing his photographs on the web, he has also won many international awards and participated in exhibitions overseas.


The collection of photographs in “RE-FORM” for pre-sale this time is a series of photographs that Edas started taking in 2012. These photographs are different from street photographs taken casually or those that pay much attention to the composition of images. Edas intended to discard all known understandings and restrictive assumptions and use the way of child's thinking to re-comprehend the world in front of him. Then he reformed all the elements with unlimited imagination and formed all the interesting photos.


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Edas Wong, a self-taught amateur street photographer from Hong Kong. I like day-dreaming and imagination since childhood. Street photography is an excellent media to express my crotchets. There are many surreal scenes which happen around us. What I need to do is just to “go outside”, “stop playing smartphone”, observe” and then “click”. It is rather simple.


Awards include - 

.Honorable Mention, Alghero Street Photography Awards 2018

.Brussels Street Photography Festival International Singles Public Prize 2017

.Honorary Mention, The Independent Photographer, Street Photography Award, September 2017

.Juror’s Pick, LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2016

.Second prize, X Prime (Leica X1/X2) Contest 2014


Book Size:W210mm x H143mm
Pages: 112 pages
Language: Chinese, English

ISBN: 978-988-77970-9-8
Publisher: brownie publishing ltd.

Publication date: Mar. 2019


    • Price is in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)
    • Orders will be processed within 5 working days after successful payment
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